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Radiologie Coeur de l'ile

Medical Clinic


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529 Rue Jarry Est, Bureau 304
Montreal QC H2P 1V4

The POLYCLINIQUE COEUR DE L'ILE is comprised of a team of healthcare professionals that are dedicated to the well-being of their patients. Since November 2017, the POLYCLINIQUE COEUR DE L'ÎLE has maintained superclinic status (GMF-R). Thanks to the initiative of 3 family physicians (Dr. Michel Marleau, Dr. Abdo Shabah, and Dr. Soloban Milosevic) and our clinic manager (Mme Natela Goldman) we have managed to continually serve our patients with pride and dignity.
Our objective is to offer a full-range of services: family medicine (with adapted access), a walk-in/urgent care clinic for the benefit of patients without a family physician, several medical specialists, social work, nutrition etc.
Some of the additional services that POLYCLINIQUE COEUR DE L'ILE offers to its patients include: screening and sampling, allergy testing, electrocardiograms, PAP-test, etc.
We accept patients in need of urgent care that are not currently registered with one of our clinic’s family physicians.



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